Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to some common questions about The Courts

What are the hours of operation for The Courts?

Hours vary based on court rental times and events scheduled. Follow us on facebook and instagram for more information. Contact our Guest Services team for more info at 303-426-8787.

How can I reserve courts at The Courts?

Our courts can be rented in a variety of ways including teams, individuals, or families and can be rented hourly or daily depending on the event needs. Reservations for court times can occur at any time. Contact our Guest Services team at 303-426-8787 to inquire on court availability dates and times. Then complete and submit our online request form. We’ll process the application and if it’s approved, we’ll send an invoice and final contract to confirm your reservation.

Is there seating for spectators?

Yes, each court has portable seating for spectators and parents. Also, each court has two players benches for both home and away seating.  

Do we need a membership?

No, The Courts is open to the public to come and participate. Participants simply need to pay an admission fee for drop-in sports and activities at designated times. Spaces such as basketball court or volleyball court can be rented and may charge an admission fee to watch or for entrance to certain events.



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